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Rescue and Shelter Gift Certificate

Image of Rescue and Shelter Gift Certificate

Want to help your local animal shelter or 501(c)3 animal rescue? Schedule a FREE photo session with us and we'll go out to take photos for them! For the past nine years, we've photographed thousands of pets at rescues and shelters in an effort to raise their profile and get them adopted! We have verifiable results these photo sessions work as group after group told us...

"Once we post your photos, our phones ring off the hook!"

"We've had people come in the shelter looking for a cat you photographed, but it was already adopted! Since they were already here, they just adopted another!"

"We've had five people come in for the same dog!"

In nine years, we've never asked for payment for these sessions and never will, even though we've driven several thousand miles on our own dime. This is our way of giving back.

• Photography session, indoor or outdoor (we come equipped for every possibility)
• Digital files posted to Facebook and/or DropBox
• Lots of love for the furries!

• Name and contact information of person to authorize this
• At least 20 dogs/cats to photograph; if they don't have that many, reach out to other area shelters or rescues and see if they'd need this service and we'll go to them once we finish with you. Since it's coming out of our pocket, we do have to be frugal with gas.
• On the day of the session, information about each dog/cat we are to photograph in the order we photograph them (this is the only way we can keep track of who we're photographing)
• Someone designated to handle dogs/cats for us. We bring our own handler when we can, but that's not always possible due to schedule conflicts

• Photos of your or the rescue's personal animals (yes, we've had people try to get us to shoot their personal pets "since I'm already there...")
• A release to use these photos without permission in any manner other than posting to social media or on the various pet adoption portals. If you wish to use our photos in advertising, t-shirts, or other marketing materials, please contact us first. Seldom do we say no – until someone uses our photos without permission.
• Removal of our watermark. Yes, we've had people massacre our photos just to remove the watermark. Not cool! It's the one unobtrusive way for us to advertise our free services in order to (hopefully) gain paying clients to help us continue funding our free work.

Please note, make certain your shelter or rescue is on board with this and don't just spring it on them. We only work with groups who want us there. Once you've confirmed the group you wish to help is on board, purchase the gift certificate and we'll take it from there. When you check-out, make certain to include this information.

Currently only good for shelters and rescues within a four-hour radius from Bartlesville, OK. Unless, of course, you want to pick up our travel expenses. Then we'll be happy to go wherever you wish!

NOTE: We do reserve the right to refuse this request. We only help rescues and shelters who are doing right by their animals.

ANOTHER NOTE: Unfortunately, BigCartel won't let us post this for zero dollars, so you'll have to pay a penny, which we'll be happy to give back to you or the rescue when we arrive.


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